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Poole College of Management

May 3, 2021


Monthly newsletter with short, actionable insights stemming from research and teaching at the NC State Poole College of Management.


Why Did Some State Tax Revenues Increase During the Pandemic?

The pandemic has been bad for business, but it hasn’t necessarily been bad for U.S. state tax revenues; in fact, 22 states saw tax revenues increase during 2020.


Apple Arrives in RTP: What does this mean for the local economy and NC State?

Steve Allen, associate dean and professor of economics, breaks down the potential impact Apple’s arrival in RTP will have on the local economy, the booming real estate market and our current and future students.

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Having Employees Overseas Helps Companies Reap U.S. Tax Benefits

A recent study finds U.S. companies that have a substantial number of employees in foreign jurisdictions with lower tax rates are more likely than their peers to “artificially” locate earnings in those jurisdictions – and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is less likely to challenge these complex tax-planning activities.
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Study Highlights Benefits of Tax Planning For Companies Facing Financial Constraints

One takeaway of the finding is that tax authorities should look closely at the activities of companies facing financial constraints to make sure their tax activities don’t become too aggressive.

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Insights and Trends – Keeping Up With the Accounting Profession

What are the major changes affecting the accounting profession now? Learn from Scott Showalter, director of the Jenkins Master of Accounting Program at Poole College.

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Pro Tip: Tayah Butler on Understanding the Use of Pronouns in the Workplace

Tayag Butler

Tayah Butler, director of diversity, equity and inclusion, explains the importance of learning and using your colleague’s pronouns in the workplace to create a welcoming environment.

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