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Best in 2020

As a business school at a Research I and land-grant university, our goal is to put applied research in people's hand –– and use what we know for the good of all.


In the first issue of a new year, we invite you to take a look at the top articles in 2020.


No. 1: COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits for the Self-Employed

What should self-employed workers consider when deciding if they should apply for unemployment benefits? The article discusses three critical changes to the traditional notion of unemployment compensation for individuals impacted by COVID-19.

No. 2: The Responsibility to Rebrand: Aunt Jemima Case Study
When the killing of George Floyd ignited a firestorm of protests, major brands felt the heat. After years of debating changes to its controversial Aunt Jemima brand, Quaker Oats and its parent company, PepsiCo, initiated an extensive rebranding process.
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No. 3: Taxation and Representation: How a Biden Presidency Could Affect Federal Income Taxes
Just before the elections, accounting professors Goldman and Lewellen identify and discuss the key provisions of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s tax plan.
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No. 4: Rob Handfield Assures Shoppers that Grocery Supply Chains are Strong
Back in March, Rob Handfield, executive director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative and professor of operations and supply chain management, stated that the grocery supply chain is solid and that there is no need for mass shopping.
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No. 5: Need to Know: COVID-19 Stimulus Payments
Accounting faculty Nathan Goldman answers six key questions regarding the stimulus payments provided to individuals by the CARES act.
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Meet Our Newest Faculty


Each year, we welcome faculty members who are thought leaders and experts with ties to the world of business.


We look forward to the positive impact that their real-world experience and purposeful, results-driven research will have with our students, academic, business and global communities.

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